Dog Agility Classes in Southern California

Agility training has so many benefits – not only is it a great form of exercise, it helps develop your dog's confidence, focus, and impulse control. Even more importantly, it will drastically improve the way you communicate with your dog and build a stronger bond and trust. Agility is Geordi's favorite activity, and I highly recommend it if your dog is healthy enough to try it!

Here is a list of agility classes in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Orange County, Inland Empire and San Diego. Happy training!

corgi agility training classes

Los Angeles / South Bay

South Bay K9 Sports
Trainer: Noriko Aso
Gardena, CA

scpaLA Long Beach
Trainers: Robbi Peele & Robert Moray
Long Beach, CA

Jump City Agility
Trainer: Cara Callaway
Encino, CA

The Field
Trainers: Anne Graumann, Terry Simons, Eden Heigel
Northridge, CA

Valley Hills Obedience Club
Trainers: Olga Chaiko, Laurie Burnam, Anne Graumann
San Fernando Valley, CA
Phone: 818.882.0443

West Los Angeles Obedience Club
Los Angeles, CA
(Classes at WLAOTC are currently paused due to COVID restrictions)

San Gabriel Valley / Inland Empire

Stars & Stripes Agility Training Center
Trainer: Barbara Mah
Chino, CA

Peak Performance Dog Sports
Trainers: Stephanie Spyr & Geri Hernandez
Chino, CA

A Dog in Motion
Pasadena, CA
Phone: 760-887-6296

High Desert Dog Sports
Phelan, CA

Debbie McGee Agility Training
Apple Valley, CA

Orange County

Wags & Wiggles
Trainers: Laurie Zurborg, Ranaye Kahn
Tustin & Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

K9 IQ Dog Sports
Trainers: Karen Birdsong, Michelle Kiernan, Carol Schiefer, Amanda Cornell
Yorba Linda, CA

Ventura County

Happy Dog Agility
Trainer: Sandy Scott, Elina Heine, Anne Graumann, McKenzie Minto
Moorpark, CA

Action Dog Sports
Trainer: Daneen Fox, Julie Sandoval
Moorpark, CA

San Diego

Agility Club of San Diego
Trainer: Patti Bott
San Diego, CA

Dog Quest Agility
Trainer: Anne Platt
Escondido, CA

If you're interested in online agility training, check out these resources below: